Tree care services

For commercial and domestic clients in and around Shropshire and North Wales

About us 

We provide you with the full range of tree surgery services across Shropshire, Cheshire and Wales

Professional, safe & affordable

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and safety is paramount to us – not just the safety of our teams, but also of those around us when we’re working.

We’re a small company and we like it that way as it allows us to focus on customer service.

Our team adheres to high standards of behaviour and dress.

Environmental responsibility

We are committed to minimising the effect of what we do on the environment. This includes:

  • Taking all waste off site and disposing of it responsibly

  • Checking for Tree Preservation Orders where required before doing any work

  • On sensitive sites we use only biodegradable oil in our machinery to avoid contamination

  • Checking for nesting birds and bats before beginning work

Fully qualified and insured

All our staff hold the relevant NPTC certificates and qualifications and are fully insured and all work is carried out to the appropriate standard: BS3998.

Our climbing equipment and machinery conforms with current regulations and is regularly checked and updated.

Featured work:

Tree removal

We can remove a tree for you even if it’s in a confined space, by a number of methods.

Max Newall Tree Services

Tree felling

Felling or dismantling unwanted trees.

Tree felling is the simplest method of removing a tree, where we make a series of cuts to the base of the tree and allow it to fall into a safe area.

Tree dismantling

Sometimes it’s not safe to fell a tree, for example if the tree is close to buildings or other structures. If this is the case we dismantle the tree instead.

This involves cutting sections out of the tree bit by bit and using a variety of methods to lower the sections, for example rope and pulley systems, cranes or mobile elevated work platforms.


In all cases we take the safety of our team and those around us seriously, which means doing a full risk assessment to identify potential hazards before we start.

And, of course, we clear the tree away for you – or cut it up for firewood if that’s what you want!

Pruning Services

We offer a full range of tree and hedge pruning services, including:


A few example of the methods we use, and an explanation of the process:

  • Crown lifting – removing lower branches to a desired height

  • Crown Reduction – reducing the overall size of the tree while still retaining the tree’s natural crown shape

  • Crown thinning – removing the inner small secondary branches to produce an open density of foliage throughout the crown of the tree

  • Crown clean – removing dead, dying and diseased wood, stumps of broken branches, crossing or rubbing branches, small shoots growing from the trunk and climbing plants such as ivy

  • Dead wooding – removing dead wood only. This is most often done for safety reasons but it has the added benefit of improving the overall aesthetics of your trees.

  • Pollarding – pruning practice that dates back to medieval times; its purpose is to keep trees to a desired height. Annual pollarding will restrict the plant to that size.

  • Coppicing – cutting back a tree to almost ground level (needs to be done on a planned cycle) and only with certain species of trees, the most common being hazel.

Hedge Maintenance

Cutting and re-shaping to bring hedges back under control

Max Newall Tree Services

We provide hedge maintenance services in Shropshire, Cheshire, Wales and across the UK. 

This includes trimming hedges on a regular basis for clients, as well as cutting, re-shaping and bringing hedges back under control after they have got out of hand.

Wood chipping can be supplied if you’d like it, perfect for garden mulch!

Other services


Planting trees for the future is something that we are very passionate about.

Tree and hedge planting services can be provided for you in Shropshire, Cheshire, Wales and across the UK.

If you need a single tree replacing, a hedge created or a whole new woodland, we can help.

We can offer you advice and source the trees locally for you.


We undertake all aspects of orchard management including assessments, routine maintenance, restorative pruning of old or neglected trees as well as the supply and planting of new trees. Where possible we will apply for grants to help offset your costs.


A specialist machine will be brought to your premises that is used to grind away the remaining tree stump, below ground level. This method courses minimum disruption compared to removing stumps with a digger and you won’t be left with a giant hole. 


Removing entire areas of trees and shrubs either to clear a garden or for agricultural or commercial purposes


Well managed woodland offers so many benefits whether you are interested in its recreational value, the capacity for sustainable timber production or in promoting wildlife habitat and the environment. 

All your woodland need can be catered for, including:

  • Managing woodland tracks and paths

  • Coppicing and thinning

  • Safety work

  • Tree planting

  • Harvesting timber

And many other tasks depending on the individual nature of the woodland.

We can develop a woodland management plan which will suggest the most appropriate activities for the woodland, or focus on specific areas of woodland management as required.


Turning your trees into logs ready to be seasoned before burning.