Pruning Services

We offer a full range of tree and hedge pruning services, including:


A few example of the methods we use, and an explanation of the process:

  • Crown lifting – removing lower branches to a desired height

  • Crown Reduction – reducing the overall size of the tree while still retaining the tree’s natural crown shape

  • Crown thinning – removing the inner small secondary branches to produce an open density of foliage throughout the crown of the tree

  • Crown clean – removing dead, dying and diseased wood, stumps of broken branches, crossing or rubbing branches, small shoots growing from the trunk and climbing plants such as ivy

  • Dead wooding – removing dead wood only. This is most often done for safety reasons but it has the added benefit of improving the overall aesthetics of your trees.

  • Pollarding – pruning practice that dates back to medieval times; its purpose is to keep trees to a desired height. Annual pollarding will restrict the plant to that size.

  • Coppicing – cutting back a tree to almost ground level (needs to be done on a planned cycle) and only with certain species of trees, the most common being hazel.