Tree removal

We can remove a tree for you even if it’s in a confined space, by a number of methods.

Max Newall Tree Services

Tree felling

Felling or dismantling unwanted trees.

Tree felling is the simplest method of removing a tree, where we make a series of cuts to the base of the tree and allow it to fall into a safe area.

Tree dismantling

Sometimes it’s not safe to fell a tree, for example if the tree is close to buildings or other structures. If this is the case we dismantle the tree instead.

This involves cutting sections out of the tree bit by bit and using a variety of methods to lower the sections, for example rope and pulley systems, cranes or mobile elevated work platforms.


In all cases we take the safety of our team and those around us seriously, which means doing a full risk assessment to identify potential hazards before we start.

And, of course, we clear the tree away for you – or cut it up for firewood if that’s what you want!